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IFZA Company Formation Services

Business Setup in the UAE

Setting up a business in UAE can be tough, time-consuming and expensive – but We makes it simple! Get hassle-free & cost-effective solutions to start a business anywhere across the UAE.

Company Formation Costs

Searching for affordable ways to start business in the UAE? At we offer competitive prices and the best business setup service packages!

Business Trade License

We assists in acquiring various types of trade licenses in Dubai. We save time and reduce the overall Dubai trade license cost. Our packages include trade license renewal and cancellation services in Dubai, UAE.

Rented Offices & Smart Desk

Whether you need ready-to-use offices, a furnished office for rent or just a Smart Desk – we can help you! We provides cheap rental office space in Dubai close to the metro, airport and bus stations offering you the best connectivity.

UAE Business Partner

We offers reliable and trustworthy local business partner in Dubai. We believe in offering risk-free measures through an Investor’s Right Protection Contract and other sponsorship services.

Investor/ Partner Visa

We offers you easy Investor/ Partner visa services. We also guide you through your immigration process and manage all the visa requirements related to your company.

Our comprehensive Business setup services in Dubai, UAE.

Business setup in the UAE

United Arab Emirates offers business investors a great opportunity to expand their business and earn high profits, thanks to its developed economy, great infrastructure, political stability and investor-friendly norms.

The process of getting a business setup in UAE can become expensive without the right guidance, expertise and connections. Dubai-based Our Business Setup consultancy can help you with Dubai LLC company formation and UAE mainland business setup needs.

If you want a low cost business setup in UAE, our renowned business setup service provider packages can help you establish your business in minimum three working days, if you have the accurate documents and permissions.

We help in mainland LLC company formation in Dubai as well as Freezone company formation in Dubai, Ajman, Ras-al Khaimah, Sharjah, Fujairah and Abu Dhabi.

Our business setup company in Dubai believes in offering simple, quick, inexpensive and risk-free solutions to our clients making their security our top priority. We provide personalised and hassle-free business set-up solutions at competitive prices and in a time-bound manner. Take advantage of our business setup consultants' international expertise, local government connections and 15-year experience to set up your business in UAE today!

Business setup in the UAE free zones

United Arab Emirates is renowned as the Middle East’s premier business investment destination. And if you want to establish a company under 100% ownership with duty and tax exemptions, setting up a business in free zones is the right-way to go. Business setup in UAE free zones also allows you to own a land in Dubai and conduct business in UAE with the assistance of a local agent.

UAE is an enticing option for foreign investors because of the availability of numerous free trade zones, however, freezone company formation in Dubai or anywhere else around UAE can be tough if you don’t have the proper documentation, knowledge of UAE laws and expert legal advice.

Make business setup easy and time-efficient with’s UAE and Dubai freezones business setup solutions. We offer competitively-priced UAE freezone company formation and trade licensing packages. With us, you get a complete range of services such as Dubai free zone company registration, free zone licensing, free zone visa and PRO services in accordance to the respective Free Zone Authority. We help you decide whether your company will benefit the most as a Free Zone establishment or by being a branch of your parent company. We offers freezone company formation services in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Ras-al Khaimah freezones.

Offshore company formation in the UAE

United Arab Emirates has a reputation of being a secure and tax-free destination for international financial services and large companies. With increasing cross-border control and crackdown on tax evasion by several countries, UAE has emerged as one of the last-remaining safe locations to store your wealth and protect your assets.

If you want to enjoy 100% repatriation of capital and profit, offshore company formation in UAE is the best way ahead!

Offshore company formation in UAE needs to be done carefully, with proper knowledge of local rules and regulations. Lack of documents and inefficient knowledge could make the process long, complicated and expensive.

Our Business Setup’s offshore business setup Dubai packages offer quick, safe and hassle-free solutions. We help you register your company, get trade licenses and provide PRO services with relevant government agencies. With us, investors can register their offshore company in UAE, without physically being present in the country.

Our team at specialises in setting up offshore businesses in Jebel Ali free zone, Ras Al Khaimah free zone and Ajman free zone areas. So get ready to set up an offshore company in RAK free zone in just two working days!

UAE trade license

Want to establish your business in Dubai or United Arab Emirates? One of the first things you need is to acquire a business license in UAE.

Getting a trade license in UAE requires the investor to get several approvals from the UAE government and obtain all the business-related documents within a prescribed time. Moreover, some types of companies in Dubai require more clearances than others, making the process of getting a UAE trade license more cumbersome.

We assists in acquiring various types of trade licenses, such as commercial trade licenses, professional trade licenses and industrial trade licenses in Dubai. To save time and reduce the Dubai trade license cost, We helps you get a trade license in the most cost-effective and easy-way. Our packages include trade license renewal and cancellation services in Dubai and UAE. We guide companies to obtain business setup licenses in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ras al Khaimah.

PRO services Dubai UAE

Without the right knowledge of UAE’s business policies, setting up your company could be a daunting task and processing documents could take weeks. Avoid long queues and delays, and set up your business in UAE today with us’s Dubai PRO services and across UAE.

We offers swift documents clearance, assist you with labour contracts, provide legal translation services in Dubai as well as processes your immigration and visa papers. With us's years of experience and close network with UAE governmental bodies, we get you speedy approvals to set up your business in Dubai or any other Emirates.

Acting on time helps in avoiding huge penalties in UAE, thus we keep track of all your applications and licenses to ensure you never miss dates and deadlines. We also keep a track of changing UAE laws and legislations to ensure that you are always updated and your business never suffers.

We provide PRO services in Dubai and give expert advice for business setup activities in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah and Fujairah.

Office for rent in Dubai UAE

United Arab Emirates is among the most sought-after locations in the world for setting up business, thanks to its great infrastructure and connectivity. This also means that office rentals can be extremely high and finding inexpensive offices for rent in Dubai can be tough.

We know that less time spent on searching on an ideal and affordable office space leaves you with more time to focus on your business plan. Therefore, if you need to find a low-cost office space for rent in Dubai, is your best chance. We offer swift, flexible and innovative solutions for affordable office spaces at premium locations in Dubai. We accommodate businesses of all sizes, and our business center for rent in Dubai can be customised to suit your specific needs. We provides flexible offices as well as workstation solutions in Dubai, equipped with conference rooms, private meeting rooms, leisure areas and ample parking space.

Need a furnished office for rent in Dubai, in the heart of Dubai’s commercial district, on Sheikh Zayed Road? Our ready-for-use offices are located near Dubai International Financial Centre at the Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Karama. We provide cheap rental office spaces in Dubai that are close to the metro, airport and bus stations offering better connectivity as well.

Investor partner sponsor visa in Dubai UAE

Thanks to UAE's booming economy, investors are making a beeline to start businesses here. You find the best talent in the world, and We makes them part of your company in the shortest possible time through Dubai employment visas.

Unlike a lot of countries, gaining a UAE resident visa is not the same as becoming a UAE national as the government currently does not award citizenship to non-Emiratis. UAE investor visa regulation is subject to change at a short notice. With a team of efficient, resourceful and highly-connected experts, We expedites the lengthy process of acquiring investor visa in Dubai for our clients. Our team stays in constant touch with visa regulating agencies in UAE to ensure that we are the first ones to know of every change in norms for investor visa in Dubai or UAE partner visa.

There are two kinds of visa services we provide for companies we sponsor, namely employment visas and investor visa or partner visas.

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